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Check First, Then Cut!

Check First, Then Cut!

15th May 2018

Check First, Then Cut!We’ve all heard the woodworking expression “measure twice, cut once”. When it comes to working with fabric, the important thing to remember is “check first, then cut”! Why is that important? Because My Fabric Connection and the manufacturers we’ve partnered with can only guarantee fabric that has NOT been cut.

What if I forget?
Our manufacturers are great. Most of them will include a reminder sheet along with your shipment. When the fabric you ordered from My Fabric Connection arrives at your door, and you open the box, you will see a notice that reminds you to carefully look over your fabric. Go ahead and check it out right away!

You will want to check your fabric for…

  1. Flaws – Carefully look over the fabric and look for any pulls, tears, or other flaws.
  2. Dimensions – You also want to check to make sure it is the right length. Lay it out on a smooth, flat surface (make sure there’s nothing that could catch or rip the fabric) and measure.

Then congratulate yourself on choosing such a great looking fabric! Because we know we have hundreds of thousands of options, so choosing the right one can be a hard decision. Well done!

What if I find a flaw?
Finding a flaw in fabric from My Fabric Connection is rare, because we only sell first quality fabric. However, if you do find a flaw when you are checking it over, you can rest easy since you checked it over before you cut! When the fabric is not yet cut, we can guarantee it and can get this fixed this for you. Simply contact us at My Fabric Connection. We will contact the manufacturer, set up the exchange and make sure your replacement fabric is sent out by the manufacturer as fast as possible.

It’s only that easy if it isn’t cut!
We’re happy to work with you to replace your fabric. If it is cut, though, unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the fabric because the manufacturer assumes that something has been done to the fabric. So remember. Check your fabric first, and then cut!