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What is Mod Fabric?

20th Jul 2018

what is mod fabric

One of the popular fabric terms is “mod fabric”. What is mod fabric? Mod fabric is simply a short way to say modern fabric. Mod fabric is basically anything that is popular and considered a modern look. You may also call them “contemporary fabrics”. Back in the 1970s, polyester could have been the mod fabric. In the 1980s, neon colors could have been part of the mod fabric. These older mod fabrics are sometimes referred to as vintage mod fabrics.

But what is the mod fabric of today?The mod fabrics seen today are florals with a modern twist. These are not the traditional floral patterns that you might have seen at your Grandma’s house. Often they are found with bright colors, large patterns and something unique that pops when you see it.

RetroOne of the terms you’ll often see alongside “mod” is “retro”. More people are familiar with “retro” due to its common use in a variety of niches. Retro is something that is old and, usually, popular again today. So, if neon colors came back into fashion, that would be considered retro unless there was a modern twist to it, in which case it may be considered mod.

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