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Buy Duralee Fabric Online for Your Home Décor Needs

Duralee fabric is a fabric brand that is one of the most enduring in the interior design industry. It was founded right after the Second World War, which showcased the brand as one of those that helped to bring the economy back to its feet. With its humble beginnings, this small textile shop grew over time and produced one of the biggest design centers in New York by the 1970s. As of 1991, the company was purveying fabrics worldwide (serving up to 40 countries!). When you buy Duralee fabric today, you can find an eclectic array of designs that were developed over the years. Hence, you can choose from different styles that also reflect the different style philosophies that developed over the post-World War II history.

Despite the many years that the brand has been in the textile industry, the philosophy remains steadfast: to deliver cutting-edge and innovative products. It was through their commitment to become innovative that Duralee became a household name in the design industry. To this day, the brand continues to evolve and it is reflected in the different collections through the fabric house. You can also buy discount Duralee Fabric online through authorized dealers, which offers great savings.

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