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Laura Ashley Fabric

Shop Laura Ashley Fabric for Home Décor and Interior Use

Laura Ashley fabric is one of the top fabric brands in the world. The brand’s namesake, Laura Ashley, founded one of the most enduring fabric brands with exquisite options that meet the needs of interior designers and architects. The company had its start in the 1950s when Laura was fond of making her own patchwork quilts. She was prompted to make her own when there was a lack of shops to buy them from. Eventually, she made an investment and built her own shop and the rest is history.

Over the years, you can buy Laura Ashley fabric brand from all over the world. There is also more variety in terms of the types of fabric that is offered by the company. From furniture fabric, to decorating, home furnishings, and drapery fabrics, you can find everything to furnish your home. In addition, the brand also offer discount Laura Ashley fabric for the hospitality industry.

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