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Shop Lining Fabric at a Discount from Top Designers/Brands

Lining fabric is one of the most overlooked types of fabric, yet it also serves an important function. The lining helps to add opacity to the fabric or make it easier to glide the garment to your body (when used for clothing). There are a variety of lining fabric types available in the market and the most commonly used ones include rayon lining, silk lining, lightweight cotton lining, and satin lining. You can also find printed lining if you want to create an aesthetic appeal on top of the functional purpose.

When you are shopping for lining fabric, it is important to consider the pro’s and con’s for each type. Make sure to browse our website to find different options to suit your intended use. For home decorating, you can choose the fabric that we have from numerous designers and brands worldwide. Choose according to your intended style and budget.