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Buy Bargello Fabric for Home Décor Use

Bargello fabric is widely known in the textile industry today. However, it had its start in Florence, Italy. The pattern is identified by featuring a variety of shapes that you would often find in many Italian castles, particularly in the city of Florence. The needlework featured in this pattern might cause some people to confuse it with the flamestitch pattern. However, it is made with flat and vertical stitching that form geometrical tiers. There are also similar elements to other fabric patterns such as arabesque, ribbons, diamonds, and chevron. The uniqueness of this pattern is one of the reasons that have made it highly popular. For those looking to infuse an Italian flair to their home interior, this pattern is a good choice.

If you are ready to decorate with bargello fabric, you have come to the right place. Our website offers a variety of bargello prints for you to choose from. You can choose a pattern that matches your interior decorating needs – from simple to exquisite. It is guaranteed to add a style statement to your home’s interior décor.