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Shop Chenille Fabric to Suit Your Decorating Style

Chenille fabric is one of those fabric types that is soft but comes with a texture. You can find two types of chenille fabric that is currently manufactured today. The first one is made of 100% cotton that is used for a number of utility purposes. This type of fabric is seen in a wide range of products like baby items, towels, and robes. The second one is designed primarily for use in home décor. The most common applications for this type of chenille fabric are for making curtains, window treatments, and furniture upholstery.

Decorating your home with the use of chenille fabric is easy. There are many colors and patterns that you can choose from on our website to get inspiration from. You can narrow down your search by selecting your ideal color, print, and which fabric designer you want. The softness of the fabric is one of the reasons that have made it quite popular. Therefore, this is one characteristic that you should look for when buying chenille fabric. But it is more than just a soft fabric – it is also highly visually appealing that would make it a great choice for decorating around the house. Aside from the applications already mentioned above, chenille is also a great fabric for upholstery, throw pillow covers, and bedspreads, to name a few.