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Buy Polka Dot Fabric for Modern Home Décor Use

Dot fabric is a fun pattern to work with. Many people would associate polka dot as a child-like pattern. But there are many ideas to use this print for your home décor that would make it look sophisticated. It has emerged as a favorite by many modern decorators as it can instantly brighten up the room. If you want to use polka print fabric to make a room seem elegant, stick to the classic. You can start with black and white dot print to bring that timeless vibe to your home. If you want to achieve that classic look, you can choose primary color combinations. When decorating with dot fabric, you can also try layering it with other patterns and prints. You can be more creative with the use of dot print based on the scale of the pattern – small versus large polka dots can create completely different home décor styles. To give you an idea, larger dots have a child-like effect while smaller dots can provide textural detail.

If you want to decorate with dot fabric, take those tips to mind. You can browse our extensive selection of dot print fabric to suit the specific style that you desire. You can browse several colors and dot sizes from our website.