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Shop Scallop Fabric for Quality Home Decorating

Scallop fabric is one of the perennial favorites by decorators when it comes to sprucing up an interior space. Due to the popularity of the coastal print trend in home decor, scallop print is taking advantage of this to deliver a distinctive style to your home. The fabric got its name from the shape of the fabric that looks like scallops taken from the ocean. It is a pattern recommended for anyone who likes symmetrical design while adding a touch of fun and quirkiness. This particular fabric print delivers a cool and homey ambiance to any space, especially with the strategic choice of color scheme.

Decorating with scallop fabric can give you many ideas to choose from. This type of print is suitable for all fabric types. Thus, you can use this fabric on table runners, curtains, décor pillows, and throw pillow covers, to name a few. Make sure you consider this print for your next home project.

Are you shopping around for scallop fabric online? We can bring you the widest selection of printed fabrics online, which includes scallop print fabric. You can make your choice according to what suits your desired theme for interior decorating.