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​Cleaning Upholstery Fabric: Stains and Steaming

Posted by John Dawkins on 21st Aug 2019

A fabric sofa is an essential investment at home. It is a vital piece of furniture for your living room because it provides a cozy space to relax in, whether you are watching a movie or reading a b … read more


5 Reasons to Love Velvet Curtains

Posted by John Dawkins on 6th Aug 2019

When choosing your curtains, there are many fabric options available. From sheer to lace, your options can help set the mood of your interior décor. But there is one particular type of curtain that … read more


Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Rooms with Fabric

Posted by John Dawkins on 25th Jul 2019

The value of an outdoor space such as a patio or deck is transforming the way people live these days. It is no longer a luxury but an essential to have one in your home. Make sure you know how to t … read more


How to Prevent Bedding Fabric from Pilling

Posted by John Dawkins on 10th Jul 2019

Pilling is one of the most common problems that you can deal with in terms of the care and maintenance of fabric. Even the finest and best bedding fabric can suffer from, if you do not know ho … read more


​Tips to Add Texture to Your Space with Curtains

Posted by John Dawkins on 2nd Jul 2019

Is your home in need of a refresh? It takes small details to transform your home interior décor. If you want to give yours a boost, you can try a simple trick that interior designers rely on: t … read more