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Best Fabric for Pillow Cases

Posted by John Dawkins on 31st Oct 2019

The importance of getting quality sleep cannot be overstated. It is vital to your overall health so you need to strive to get as many hours of sleep as possible. But aside from getting plenty of ho … read more


Top 10 Most Popular Upholstery Fabric in 2019

Posted by John Dawkins on 16th Oct 2019

Do you feel like your furniture could use some updating? When this happens, a lot of people often find themselves looking for newer, modern pieces to decorate their home with. But in most cases, th … read more


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Curtains at Home

Posted by John Dawkins on 3rd Oct 2019

Curtains play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetic value of your home interior. If you want to make a big impression when it comes to your home décor style, choosing the right curtains&nbsp … read more


Top Outdoor Fabric Brands You Need to Know

Posted by John Dawkins on 17th Sep 2019

If you’ve been looking for outdoor fabrics to use for your balcony, outdoor deck, or patio, then you may have realized the vast number of choices out there. You may already have a design idea in mind, … read more


​Cleaning Upholstery Fabric: Stains and Steaming

Posted by John Dawkins on 21st Aug 2019

A fabric sofa is an essential investment at home. It is a vital piece of furniture for your living room because it provides a cozy space to relax in, whether you are watching a movie or reading a b … read more