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Natural vs Synthetic Fabric for Upholstery

Posted by John Dawkins on 16th Mar 2020

Are you planning to buy new furniture or re-upholster an existing one that needs an update? Whatever you choose to do, fabric selection should be given highest priority. The choice you make can determ … read more


Common Types of Curtains and Where to Use Them For

Posted by John Dawkins on 27th Feb 2020

Your curtains are a vital part of your home interior design. But the window treatments that you choose to install on your window can elevate the style if you choose the right one. With the right curta … read more


Elements to Consider When Shopping for Outdoor Fabric

Posted by John Dawkins on 31st Jan 2020

Shopping for outdoor fabric is not as easy or straightforward as it seems. There are several factors to consider in order to choose the right one that could withstand the outdoor elements. First and f … read more


Cotton vs Polyester: Which is the Better Choice of Bedding?

Posted by John Dawkins on 16th Jan 2020

Finding the right fabric for your bedding is a practical dilemma. The quality of your bedding is integral to the quality of your sleep. Make sure you know the right fabric to use in order … read more


How to Choose Upholstery Fabric for Solid Wood Furniture

Posted by John Dawkins on 27th Dec 2019

Solid wood furniture is a classic choice for any home, whether you have modern or traditional interior design. But apart from its versatility, solid wood furniture is well-loved by homeowners becau … read more