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Buy Moire Fabric Online for Home Decorating

Moire fabric is best known for its unique wave-like pattern. It also features a distinctive water-shaped pattern that makes it seem as though the fabric has been watered on the surface. There are several types of fabric that go through this process to achieve that look and some of them include cotton, silk, and wool. This process is called calendaring. The process creates tension that results in the different weave patterns and giving the fabric that unique appearance. The pattern is irregular so it makes the appearance on the surface seem natural. The complex nature of the fabric is part of the reason why it can get expensive.

Moire fabric has had a long history and has been used for a variety of applications. One of the earliest uses of this type of fabricis for making gowns and evening wear. Today, this fabric is commonly used for furnishing the home like upholstery and drapery. It features a distinctive pattern that can significantly enhance the aesthetic quality of your home interior design. This fabric is therefore best used for making curtains and other types of window treatments.