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Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabrics are fabrics that are manufactured to withstand all kinds of weather. They are used to upholster cushions and pillows for patio furniture, lounge chairs – any item that spends more time outdoors than in. Most outdoor fabrics are waterproof or water resistant, so you don't have to scramble to put your patio chairs into the shed with each rainfall.

The best way to approach buying outdoor fabrics is to use the same process you use to choose indoor fabrics. That is, all fabrics are made and manufactured for a specific purpose (softness, durability, etc.). When it comes to outdoor fabrics, some are more “outdoorsy” than others. That means, while some outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand changes in temperature and weather extremes, others are designed for screened porches.

Choosing the right outdoor fabrics

When shopping for outdoor fabrics, it's best to have a clear idea of where the fabric is going to be situated and what purpose it's going to serve. For example, will it be used outside or near a pool, under a covered porch or awning, or on an outdoor patio? If the fabric is going to be outside, it's important to buy fabrics that are rated for sun exposure and mold removal. If the fabric is going to be in a covered outside setting, such as a screened porch or underneath an awning, then it's best to find outdoor fabrics that are woven rather than screen-printed to avoid any peeling.

It's also important to think about how and how often the outdoor fabric is going to be used. For example, is it going to be sat on or slept on like a swing bed? Will it be exposed to a lot of potential spills or dirt? Will it be left outside year-round or seasonally?

Function and Style

Just because outdoor fabrics need to be built a bit more sturdily than typical indoor fabrics doesn't mean that they're lacking in style. In fact, there are just as many materials, patterns, colors and designs to choose from for outdoor fabrics as there are for indoor fabrics. When shopping for outdoor fabrics, however, it's important to keep in mind what elements or factors the fabric will be exposed to in order to choose the most stylish and functional fabric for your needs.

There are outdoor fabrics that are manufactured to withstand prolonged sun exposure without losing any brightness in their colors or patterns. Will the fabric be exposed to being spilled on, dirt or other grimy things? If so, it's important to choose an outdoor fabric that can be cleaned quickly and easily with a wet cloth.

Shop with the Fabric Experts

There are numerous kinds of outdoor fabrics available to consumers, ranging in quality, style, and purpose. For anyone unsure of where to start when it comes to outdoor fabrics, there's good news. The outdoor fabric experts at My Fabric Connection will help you find the perfect fabric for any outdoor situation or setting. Not sure where to start? Get help from the pros!