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Buy Brocade Fabric from Our Collection of Decorative Fabrics

Brocade fabric is a highly versatile fabric type – it is used heavily in fashion and home décor industry. The fabric is best characterized for its rich decorative properties and the shuttle-woven texture. Most of the traditional brocade fabric types were made using gold and silver threads, but most of the modern brocades are made with colored silks. As for the design, many of the patterns used are figure and floral patterns. The pattern is weaved into the fabric. As a result, it creates a heavy kind of fabric that is used in fashion for making dresses and for home décor purposes such as upholstery and drapery.

As mentioned above, brocade fabric has many uses particularly in the home décor industry. The fabric is thick so it is a great choice for upholstery as it can withstand the wear and tear. In fact, the fabric can last for many years without damage. The detail on the fabric due to the weave can make a strong style statement. This is the best option for anyone wanting to achieve a statement-making style for your home décor. The fabric has drawn a lot of comparisons with jacquard; while they might be similar, these are actually two different types of fabric.