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Mohair fabric is one of the fabric types that have been around for a while. The fibers that are used for this fabric is made with hair from Angora goat. The qualities of the Angora goat hair is a lot like sheep; hence, many confuse that the sheep fur is used for making this fabric when in fact it is a different type of hair. The first process is to collect the goat hair and use it for making a yarn. The yarn is then weaved in order to produce mohair fabric.

When it comes to using mohair fabric, there are several applications for home décor. The most popular application for mohair fabric is through seat coverings and furniture upholstery. The fabric is resilient and durable. This enables the fabric to sustain its quality even when there is a lot of wear and tear. In fact, its quality and resiliency can be compared to that of cotton, cashmere, and wool. In addition to being durable, mohair fabric is able to resist dirt so maintenance is easy. This kind of fabric is also noted for its plushness and sheen quality. Aside from furniture upholstery, it is commonly used for making rugs and carpets.