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Roth and Tompkins

Shop Roth and Tompkins Fabric for Interior Design and Decorating

Roth and Tompkins fabric is a famous brand in the textile and fabrics industry. It is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1993. Upon its debut, the brand offered more than 50 distinctive designs for mattresses that included luggage stripes and plaid. They also carved their own niche in the industry by being the first brand to dedicate themselves into the manufacture and design of cotton fabrics.

Over time, more and more people and designers wanted to buy Roth and Tompkins fabric. In particular, those who wanted to buy discount Roth and Tompkins fabric online were able to find their favorite brand in many online retailers and distributors. The wide availability of the fabric brand made it a household name in the industry. Their ability to deliver a unique offering when it comes to fabric types helped to set them apart from competition. Without failing to mention, their green efforts also reinforced the quality fabric that the brand proudly offers.