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Shop Corduroy Fabric for Home and Interior Decorating

Corduroy fabric is a strong and durable fabric that comes with a distinctive rounded cord or rib on the surface. The ribbed texture on the fabric’s surface is achieved through cut pile yarn. On the back side of the fabric, you will notice twill weave. There are several processes involved when it comes to the manufacture of corduroy fabric before you can produce that velvet-like finish. It is one of the most commonly used types of fabric in the fashion and home décor industry, though. Among the common uses for corduroy in the world of fashion includes making apparel like jeans and jackets.

As for home decorating, you can find many applications for corduroy fabric. This type of fabric would work best for use in furniture upholstery because it is durable enough yet it can also be soft to touch. You can also use corduroy on throw pillow covers because the textured surface of the fabric can provide a subtle and contrasting element to the design. Other potential uses for this fabric would be for area rugs or carpets. You can find many options when it comes to colors at our website; thus, feel free to look around in order to find the ideal style for your home décor needs.