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Shop Casement Fabric at Discount Prices Online

Casement fabric is one that is normally woven in cotton and comes with a medium-weight quality. The fabric consists of thick warp yans that are closely packed together. This weaving process results in a number of different patterns and textures that are produced in the end. This type of fabric can also be used in a number of applications. Casement fabric is not like other fabrics like sheer because it is heavy. It is also comparably thicker than cotton or linen. Casement fabric that we have on our website is available in different colors so you can choose what suits your home decorating project best. 

Casement fabric, like already mentioned above, is suited for home décor application. It is most popularly used as drapery, like curtains. You can pick from different colors and patterns to create a unique decorative detail for your home. Whatever your decorating needs, we can guarantee that there is a style that would match it. Feel free to browse the options below!