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Faux Leather

Find Faux Leather Fabric for Your Home Decorating

Faux leather fabric is one of the fastest rising fabric types in terms of popularity. The fact that there are many uses for it when it comes to decorating your home could be part of the reason for its success. Faux leather, as the name implies, is not real leather. It is a synthetic variety and is therefore artificially made. The synthetic fabric is designed to look like genuine leather but there is a huge difference between the two. To the uninitiated, both types of fabric could look the same.

The cost of faux leather is considerably lower than the genuine leather – for obvious reasons. For this reason, it is the best alternative for those who cannot afford real leather. It is important to note that the quality difference between the two types of fabric is considerable though. But if quality and performance is not as important to you, then faux leather is a good option. This is not to say that all faux leather fabric is not in good quality; most of them are, but it isn’t comparable to the quality of real leather. If you want to use faux leather fabric for your home décor, they are recommended for furniture upholstery such as chairs and sofas.