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Shop Satin Fabric from a Collection of Fabric Brands

Satin fabric is a delicate and luxurious fabric type. It is noted for its glossy surface and dull back. The fabric is also known for having a natural sheen, which is a result of the use of filament fibers like silk, nylon, and polyester for making this fabric. Satin fabric is often confused with sateen, although this one is different and these two fabric types have distinctive characteristics.

When it comes to the use of satin fabric, there are several applications for them. The most common use for satin is for making garments such as women’s lingerie, evening gowns, and nightgowns. However, the glossy surface of the fabric is also coveted in other industries, particularly in the home décor industry. You can use satin for a number of home décor uses such as curtains, drapery, upholstery, and bed sheets. You can add this type of fabric if you want to infuse a luxurious detail to your home’s interior décor.