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Buy Jacobean Fabric for Use on Home Decor

Jacobean fabric is a classic print that is making a huge comeback. Today, you can find Jacobean print being used in numerous design spaces from the home to commercial spaces. This print is suited for those looking for bold style statement. It features ornate elements that can make this pattern eye-catching. The Jacobean print originated during the 1600s in England. This particular pattern was used heavily on furniture and wood carvings during this time. From there, it evolved and was used on fabric and textile manufacturing industries. It was then that designers noticed the distinctive style that this print had to offer, which adds some drama when used on an interior space such as for home décor.

There are several ways that you can decorate with Jacobean fabric. One of the most common applications for Jacobean fabric is with flooring, window treatments, tapestry, and furniture upholstery. The bigger the print is, the better! If you have a knack for statement-making styles, you need to choose Jacobean fabric print. To get started with decorating with this particular fabric pattern, you can find a variety of styles available to suit your interior space. Simply browse our website for options!