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Shop Ottoman Fabric for Your Home Decorating Project

Ottoman fabric is a unique type of textile that comes with a pronounced ribbing texture on the surface. You can find a wide range of fabric types that are used in making this type of fabric including cotton, silk, and yarn. The rough and ribbed surface is produced by using a specific weave pattern. This also makes the fabric extra durable so that it can be used for making heavy-duty garments and furniture upholstery. Despite the fact that the ottoman fabric is built for durability, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Ottoman fabric has been around for a long time and the name is based on the type of furniture that the fabric was specifically created for – ottoman. An ottoman is a type of footstool that is typically part of a set or sold separately. It acts as a complement to other furniture pieces, such as sofas or chairs. You can find ottomans used in the closet, bedroom, or living room. Hence, it comes as no surprise why ottoman fabric is recommended fur furniture upholstery because it is built for the wear and tear.