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Shop Twill Fabric for Designer Fabrics Online

Twill fabric is known for its unique textile weave that is made up of diagonal rib patterns. It is unique when compared to satin and plain weave. The structure of this fabric weave is what provides that draped characteristic known with twill. If you are in search of home décor fabric, make sure you consider twill because of the subtle yet significant detail that it adds to your interior space.

In addition to having a distinctive style, twill fabric is also popular because of its practicality. The fabric is known to be durable so it is suitable for upholstery use. The quality and durability of the fabric enables it to withstand damage and that upholstery might be subjected to. This type of fabric also drapes well so it is perfect for use on wall coverings and used as curtains. If you are looking for other fabric uses for twill, your options include cushion covers, duvet covers, and pillow cases. There are many colors and patterns available to choose from.