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Faux Suede

Find Great Deals on Faux Suede Fabric for Home Decorating

Faux suede is a synthetic form of fabric that looks and feels like real suede. Suede is a type of fabric that is manufactured using the under-skin of an animal. Due to the concerns about animal welfare, a lot of animal advocates are fighting against the manufacture of suede. This is why many have turned to faux suede to achieve the same look and style that suede brings without the harm done to animals. The durability of faux suede is not as impressive as real suede, but the aesthetic appeal and overall look are pretty much the same. Faux suede fabric is also more affordable, while being easier to clean and maintain. For those who are unfamiliar with fabric types, it might be difficult to determine one from the other. 

There is one industry where faux suede fabric is also quite popular – fashion. Suede is used in a wide range of garments or clothing such as skirts, coats, and trousers. The faux suede version is used to replace the real suede to lower the cost of production. You can also try this same technique with home interior decorating. Faux suede fabric can offer the same aesthetic value as the real thing but comes with a less expensive price tag. This type of fabric is more popularly used for furniture upholstery because the fabric is quite resilient. And yet, it is also soft to touch.