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Buy Quality Sateen Fabric at Discounted Prices

Sateen fabric is a delicate fabric type as it is soft and sheer. These qualities are also part of the reason why it is a popular kind of fabric in the market. The delicate texture of the fabric is due to the satin weave structure that utilizes spun yarns instead of filaments. The oldest record of use of sateen fabric dates back to the 1900s; hence, it has been around for a long time. It is often confused with satin although these two are completely different fabrics. Sateen fabric is typically made with silk or cotton.

There are many uses for sateen fabric (home décor or otherwise). The smooth texture is just one of the qualities that make it popular. It also drapes well and is quite durable. Hence, sateen fabric is often used for making curtains and other forms of drapery at home. The texture of the fabric is so soft and luxurious! Thus, it provides a delicate and elegant touch when used for home interior decorating.