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5 Things to Look for When Buying Upholstery Fabric

5 Things to Look for When Buying Upholstery Fabric

15th May 2018

At My Fabric Connection we love fabric as much as you do. We know it can be hard to find the perfect upholstery fabric for your new project. To help you, we have created a list of the top 5 things to look for when choosing upholstery fabric.

1. Fabric Durability – When you are buying upholstery fabric, you want to make sure it will hold up well in the particular conditions you will be putting it in. If you are upholstering outdoor furniture, you’ll want to make sure you use outdoor fabric. If you are working on a couch that the kids will be using a lot, you’ll want to make sure you choose a fabric with a high double rub score. If you are working on dining room chairs that will only be used once a day or so, then you can go with a fabric with a medium double rub score. Drapery can have a low score, like silk. All the fabric we sell on My Fabric Connection is high quality fabric, but they do have different uses and different durability.

2. Fabric Content – At My Fabric Connection, we list the fabric content to assist you when choosing upholstery fabric. Synthetic materials, which are man-made, tend to be more durable than natural materials. Examples of synthetic materials are polyesters or acrylics. Natural materials may feel better and breathe better and they have the benefit of being all natural. Examples of natural materials are cottons and leathers.

3. Color – Fabric is a great investment. By choosing to reupholster your couch instead of buying a new one, you can still give your couch a fresh look, while also saving money. You are even helping the environment by reusing you old couch. Of course you want the couch to look great, too. So, consider the other colors you have (or will have) in the room and pick out a color you love that will also go well with the other colors in the room.

4. Design – When buying upholstery fabric, liking the design is similar to liking the color. Maybe you are looking for stripes or a fun print. This is a personal preference and we are happy to offer you thousands of options at My Fabric Connection. It’s good to consider the other patterns that may be in the room to make sure the patterns create a consistent theme or at least complementary feel. Enjoy browsing our selection and we are sure you will find the design that is just right for you.

5. Price – At My Fabric Connection, we are pleased to offer you the highest quality fabric at the best prices. When you look at your finished fabric product, we not only want you to love your fabric choice for the quality, content, color and design, but we want you to know you got it at a great price!