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Mohair Fabric: Ways to Incorporate to Fall/Winter Decorating

Posted by John Dawkins on 30th Nov 2018

There are several fabric types available if you want to update your décor for fall and winter. Some of the most common options include wool and velvet. If you want something new, you can opt for mohair fabric for winter decorating.

What is Mohair Fabric?

Mohair is a fabric made with a special type of fiber. This fiber is extracted from the hair of angora goats. The fibers feature a distinct luster and shine on the surface. This makes it one of the most distinguishable features of this fabric type, and one that also makes it the preferred choice for interior decorating.

Mohair fabric is also crease-resistant. For this reason, this fabric is more than just ideal for home decorating. It is used widely in the world of fashion such as for producing formal wear pieces. The use and production of mohair originated from Turkey. This fabric is considered highly valuable that there was a time when only the elites would use it. During early 19th century, the export of mohair fabric begun and it quickly became one of the most popular fabrics in the world.

To produce this fabric, the long and silk hair of Angora goat is sheared two times a year. For each cycle, the goats are able to produce 5-8 kilos of mohair. The hair fibers go through a process to remove dirt and other materials before it is blended with other fibers and straightened out. After that, it goes through several more processes before the final mohair fabric is produced.

Mohair Fabric for Winter Decorating

Mohair fabric is a popular choice for home decorating because of its many advantageous features. It comes with a luxurious texture that is great for winter styling. It adds a luxurious vibe to your home interior while also providing a sense of warmth inside your home. You can use mohair fabric on a variety of ways, but using it for upholstery is the most popular option.

Mohair fabric for upholstery provides a sense of coziness to your sofa or couch. At the same time, it is extremely durable that it is second to none in terms of quality and resiliency. The durability of the natural fibers in mohair is superior to cotton, wool, and cashmere – other popular options for winter decorating.

Another great feature about mohair fabric when used for winter decorating is that it has insulating effect. For winter, you need to be strategic in choosing the fabric you use to ensure that your sofa and couch will remain cozy throughout the cold season.

Another additional benefit of decorating with mohair for winter is that it adds a lustrous detail to your home interior. In a season that is all about the sparkle, every detail counts when it comes to incorporating lustrous detail to your home décor. Aside from using mohair fabric for the upholstery, it is also a great option to use as drapery, whether as curtains or wall coverings. Have fun with decorating with this fabric type to suit your home style!