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Top Summer Designer Indoor Fabrics

18th Jun 2018

Top Summer Designer Indoor Fabrics

With summer here, you’re probably trying to get your home ready for all those amazing summer parties/events you’ll be hosting! From fun BBQs to movie nights with friends and family, summer is the perfect time to liven up your space with fun décor that matches the warmth of the summer months. So if you’re looking to change up your indoor décor, check out a few top summer designer indoor fabrics to use for all of your upholstery or creative projects From My Fabric Connection:

1. Beacon Hill Fabric Banana Leaf Mint

Spruce up your indoor décor with this fun and green Banana Leaf Mint pattern from Beacon Hill! The pattern is tropical and fun, adding a bit of a bohemian element to your room via any project you use the fabric on, according to Revitaliste’s tips for the perfect indoor fabrics for summer!

2. Schumacher Fabric Chiang Mai Indoor/Outdoor Aquamarine

According to Revitaliste’s list of best fabrics for summer, this is a must if you want something unique and with loads of color! Everything about this Asian-inspired chinoiserie pattern is fun, making it a great choice for when you need a statement piece of upholstered furniture. And you can also use it for any outdoor projects, making it a versatile fabric for just about any kind of project you have in mind for the summer!

3. Berger Fabric Peacock

If you want a vibrant floral pattern, then you need the Peacock option from Berger Fabric. The bright blue background adorned with colorful flowers that really make a bold statement on whatever piece of furniture or project you use it on. Thanks to its various colors, you’ll be able to match it with a variety of other colors and you’ll love.

4. Beacon Hill Fabric Olavanna Ikat Magenta

This Magenta Ikat pattern fabric from Beacon Hill is pure beauty! You’ll want to use it on every project you have for summer décor thanks to its bold magenta, purple, peach, beige and tan color scheme that really seems to complement each other. It’s the perfect fabric for when you want to add warmth to any room, space or project.