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Upholstery Trends for Fall 2018

1st Aug 2018

Upholstery Trends for Fall 2018

If you’re so over summer already, you’ll be glad to know that fall upholstery trends are already out! Fall is a time of year that the weather starts to cool down, the leaves change color and muted colors reign supreme. Upholstery trends for this season seem to reflect the overall trends for fall, with darker colors, intricate patterns and more. So if you’re wondering what’s going to be hot for fall in the upholstery world or would like to get a jumpstart on your fall projects, we’ve got the upholstery fall 2018 trends report!


Velvet is a very sophisticated fabric trend that reigns supreme in fall. The fabric is soft to the touch and is comfortable beyond belief. Neutral colored velvet is always a safe choice, with upholstery fabric in black, grey, brown or navy always safe for your upholstery projects. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd, bold colored velvet is what will make your project’s presence known! Think bold reds, burgundy, yellow and purple. Velvets are popular for grand projects that require some elegant and sophisticated edge.


According to Kristen Drohan of Kristin Drohan Collection, linen continues to be popular, as well as other performance textures that look like linen. Linen is a popular upholstery because its durability and versatility. In fact, linen is an ancient fabric that goes back to Ancient Egyptian days, as they would wrap their mummies in the fabric. As probably the world’s oldest fabric, it doesn’t seem as if it’s going to die down any time soon! Its slubby texture is what makes it a favorite, plus the fact that it’s soft and cool. It’s a great transition fabric from summer to fall!

Performance Fabrics

Drohan also goes on to explain how performance fabrics are also a huge Fall 2018 trend in upholstery. Performance fabrics are not only soft, but also feature tons of different textures, making them appealing for upholstery projects. You’ll be able to find performance fabrics that work for coastal movements to farmhouse chic projects!


Now that the weather is cooling down, leather is the perfect fall upholstery fabric, especially if you want some edge to a project. Leather is high class and durable, allowing you to use it for a number of things. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, but dark tones for fall would work best. Think browns, tans and blacks.

While fall has a number of upholstery trends, the colors are what will make your project perfect for the season! Think purples, creams, grays, browns, tans and blacks. Basically, your typical fall colors that will set the mood for the season.

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