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What is Sunbrella?

14th Aug 2018

With spring approaching, many of us are ready to pack up our winter gear and start thinking about our outdoor furniture. If your outdoor furniture fabric looks worn and outdated, you may want to consider Sunbrella.

What is Sunbrella

What is Sunbrella?
Sunbrella is the number one brand for outdoor fabric furniture and is designed to resist fading even in direct sunlight!

What Makes Sunbrella So Great?
One of the things that makes Sunbrella so good is what Sunbrella fabric is made of. Sunbrella fabric is made of 100% solution dyed acrylic. The fabrics of much of the outdoor furniture that you will find in stores such as Lowes or Home Depot are made of polyester and are not nearly as durable as acrylic fabric. Sunbrella has created their acrylic fabric product to be able to withstand up to 1500 hours of direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the fabric will only get direct sunlight for 4-8 hrs a day on average (if that). That means it will last year’s even when sitting out in the sun!

How does their product last so long?
Again, this goes to the question, “What is Sunbrella fabric made of?” Sunbrella fabric uses something called light fastness that actually sets the color and prints directly into the acrylic fabric. The polyester fabrics print their color and patterns on top of the fabric. It’s white fabric that has a color printed on it. With Sunbrella fabric, since the color becomes a part of the Sunbrella acrylic fabric, it will last longer!

How to Make Sunbrella Fabrics Last Even Longer.
It is recommended to take your outdoor furniture inside during the winter months, or any other time when you won’t be using it for an extended period of time. This protects your investment and increases the life of your fabric. During the months when you do use the furniture more often, store the cushions out of the direct sunlight and rain when possible. If you have a covered porch, move the furniture into the covered area when you are done using it. If you don’t have a covered area, you may want to consider an outdoor storage bin. But even if you don’t do any of that, the fabric sill still last a long time.

Where to Buy Sunbrella Fabric:
If you are ready to improve your outdoor furniture look and want to have the best in outdoor furniture fabric, be sure to check out all of the Sunbrella options at My Fabric Connection. We have the best fabric options at the best prices! Don’t be surprised once your outdoor furniture looks fantastic stays that way for years, if your neighbors will be asking you, “What is Sunbrella?”!

Sunbrella Selection:Here are some popular Sunbrella fabrics we carry here at My Fabric Connection. You can find a full catalog of our Sunbrella fabrics here.

Forsythia Parchment
Fabric Sunbrella-Forsythia-Parchment-Fabric
Dupione Celeste
Fabric Sunbrella-Dupione-Celeste-Fabric