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Find Amazing Deals on Crewel Fabric Online

Crewel fabric is a type of fabric best known for its embroidery detail that is achieved by hand. The embroidery detail on crewel is its most distinctive feature and also what makes it stand out from other fabric types. There is a long history associated with crewel fabric that can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Many attribute the origin of crewel to India, although there are also records that show it originated in Mongolia and Greece. But it did not become as popular as it is today until the 17th century in England. The fabric was used heavily for royal decorations because of the ornate details on it. The fabric was commonly used for wall hangings and other decorative purposes.

Today, crewel fabric is still heavily used because of the same characteristics that made it popular during the 17th century in England. It depicts various designs such as flower, foliage, or wildlife. The distinct embroidery pattern provides high aesthetic value to the fabric. This is why you will find crewel fabric used heavily in home décor for upholstery, window treatments, and curtains, among other things. It can instantly transform a room when you incorporate this fabric into the room décor.