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Shop Matelassé Fabric for Home Decorating

Matelasse fabric is a heavy textile but it is soft to the touch. It has plenty of similarities with jacquard fabric, which is why they are often confused for each other. The name of this fabric is derived from a French word that means “padded or cushioned”. However, this type of fabric is neither padded nor cushioned. It does have the appearance that it is padded when in fact it contains no padding at all. The pocket weave on the fabric renders to give that padded appearance. In fact, the layman’s term for this type of fabric is double cloth.

Most of the matelassé fabric that is sold in the market are available in neutral colors such as white or beige. But today, you can find them in bright and bold colors. But the color is not the main feature of this fabric but rather its raised texture. They are often sold in a wide range of patterns such as florals, medallions, and geometric shapes. There are many home décor applications for this type of fabric but the most common ones would be for bedspreads, bed skirts, pillow cases, and bed sheets. Some homeowners also use them on upholstery and drapery.