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Shop Woven Fabric for Your Next Home Makeover

Woven fabric is a form of textile that is produced via a weaving process. The texture of the fabric is produced on a loom and can be made using a variety of threads that are woven together. The main difference that woven fabric has from knitted fabric is that they do not have a stretch. There are many types of woven fabric and common options include denim, crepe, flannel, poplin, corduroy, and herringbone, to name a few. There are several applications available for incorporating woven fabric to your home décor such as for making blanket binders, drapery, curtains, and headboards.

Want to decorate your home with woven fabric? Make sure to browse our website to find fabric types that will meet your decorating needs. You will have fun getting inspiration from the options we have on offer to achieve your desired decorating style.